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Adult Acne Treatments - 10 Easy Ways to Treat Adult Acne

Adult acne doesn't just affect teenagers but also adults as well. It affects 25 % of adult men and 5 % of adult women during their adult lives. Adult acne is caused by bad cosmetic, stress, birth control pills, hormones and bacteria. However, the exact cause is still unknown.

Having acne is a nightmare. It is so embarrassing to have "bad" look face. That's why you need to know how to prevent adult acne before it affects your face.

Adult acne treatments-How to prevent acne

a. Wash your face twice with mild cleanser.
b. Never pick or squeeze acne as it can lead to permanent scarring and irritation.
c. Don't let your skin dry. A light moisturizer can be used to solve this problem.
d. Don't scrub your face because it can aggravate your acne.
e. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and legal drugs. Toxic in alcohol and cigarette can weaken your immune system and aggravate acne.
f. Use moisturizer containing Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
g. Steam your face once a week to open your clogged face pores.
h. Apply sunscreen to your face every morning. It is good to protect your skin from the sun's rays.
i. Use exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that can clog your face pores and cause acne.
j. Apply a mask which is designed for your skin type.

A few things you should note:

a. Be careful using skin care treatment as adult skin is more fragile than a teenagers skin.
b. Don't use products containing alcohol. Alcohol can remove the top layer of skin. Alcohol also causes redness and dryness.

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