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Digital Alliance ATI HD 5750 1GB review

Posted by alenalbert on November 16, 2014 at 12:25 PM

Graphics cards that are in the price range of US $ 100-200 is always interesting. Besides having a ratio of performance and price quite balanced, graphics card at this price level sometimes do not need the most powerful system to show all potential (not bottleneck). Therefore, users who are looking for this graphics card is quite a lot. In the price range of US $ 100-200, you will be faced with the choice of a variety of graphics card. Of manufacturers from AMD: HD R7 260x, HD 5770 ATI, HD 5750, HD 5670 1GB which already supports DirectX 11 technology, or from Nvidia like GTX 650ti and GTX 750ti. There is also a previous generation such as the HD 4890, HD 4870, HD 4850, HD 4830, and HD 4770 which is the previous generation of Radeon graphics card. Quite diverse and gets you confused right? If you're looking for a cheap graphics card for gaming , maybe the graphics card you can make one of the choices, is the Digital Alliance ATI HD 5750 1 GB. Digital Alliance ATI HD 5750 1GB, although this graphics card comes with simple packaging and contents of the sales package that are classified as minimalist, but the graphics card is able to demonstrate its performance as a mainstream class graphics card. In some of the games we tested, the performance of the graphics card is quite satisfactory (especially on DirectX 9 based games, 10, and a DirectX 11 games). Indeed, in some games the performance is still lacking (low frame rate), but you can outsmart the low frame rate by adjusting image resolution and quality settings lower than we use. Non-reference heatsink used is also quite satisfactory in maintaining the working temperature to avoid overheating. Meanwhile, the availability of three kinds of display outputs, you are free to determine what monitor will be used. So who can use this graphics card? For the ordinary computer user, you can use this graphics card. But if your main goal is not to buy a graphics card for playing games, this low-end graphics card is sufficient for you. You're a gamer but have limited funds? You will be pleased with this graphics card. The performance offered is quite balanced with the price offered. Moreover, this graphics card does not require a system that is too tight to pull out the entire latent abilities. In fact you do not need a power supply with large power output to make this graphics card work. In addition to this graphics card, it is still much more to the series graphics card price range that offers the advantages and disadvantages of each. Perhaps, you can put Digital Alliance ATI HD 5750 1GB into your buying list. Thanks for reading..

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